13 Beavers

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Embark on the daring challenge of 13 Beavers where players must navigate the board with luck and nerve to reach Beaver Paradise first. The objective is straightforward: be the first Beaver to achieve this illustrious status!

Players take turns navigating the board by predicting if the next card is higher or lower than the previous one. A correct guess propels them forward, while an incorrect one sends them back to their dam for another attempt on the next turn. Players can choose to press their luck by making consecutive guesses to advance further. Yet, if the risk seems too great, players can strategically exclaim "dam!" to return to their dam, securing their progress. Beware the hidden DANGER cards, as uncovering one washes the dam back a specified number of spaces, adding an extra layer of suspense to the game.

  • RIVER RAPIDS ADVENTURE: Join the legendary trek to beaver paradise! Predict the next card as higher or lower to advance your beaver in this family-friendly guessing game.
  • UNPREDICTABLE CHALLENGES: Encounter fishing, rapids, lava, and wolves! Each game brings new trials, making every playthrough uniquely exciting.
  • BONUS FUN INCLUDED: With diverse obstacles and bonuses, 13 Beavers offers a thrilling experience that's packed with surprises and laughter.
  • FOR BEAVER BELIEVERS: Perfect for 2-6 players, this game captures the essence of a daring journey, ideal for kids and adults who love a good tale of wilderness adventure.
  • REPLAYABILITY GUARANTEED: No two games are alike! With its dynamic gameplay, 13 Beavers ensures a fresh and fun experience every time you dive in.


  • 1 Board
  • 52 Number Cards
  • 3 Danger Cards
  • 6 Beaver Meeples
  • 8 Dam Meeples
  • 1 Fishing Rod
  • 8 Magnetic Fish
  • 5 Wolf Tokens

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