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Star Wars: Unlimited is a brand-new trading card game introduced by Fantasy Flight Games, offering a vast and strategic play experience that appeals to both hardcore Star Wars fans and avid trading card game enthusiasts alike.

In this fast-paced, easy-to-learn trading card game (TCG), you and your opponent face off in exciting head-to-head battles featuring tons of iconic Star Wars characters. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a card game fan, or both, Star Wars: Unlimited is a game that anyone can enjoy. 


The game features over 200 cards in its first set, Spark of Rebellion, providing players with endless possibilities to explore, build decks, and engage in dynamic gameplay.


The essence of Star Wars: Unlimited revolves around building a deck from cards obtained through randomized booster packs. Each card has unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, allowing players to craft strategies and combinations that reflect their personal playstyle. The goal is to outmaneuver your opponent by destroying their base before they can destroy yours. Gameplay involves a mix of strategic planning, timely actions, and adapting to the unfolding battle dynamics, with the play area divided into two arenas: ground and space, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.


Star Wars: Unlimited also supports a diverse playing environment with organized play opportunities split between Casual Play and Competitive Play. Casual Play focuses on fun, learning, and experimentation, while Competitive Play offers a more structured environment for those seeking to test their skills against others, with the possibility of earning invitations to the Star Wars: Unlimited Galactic Championship.


For more detailed insights into gameplay, deck building, and the organized play structure, you can visit the official Star Wars: Unlimited website and explore the various resources and news updates available

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4 products