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You are the world's mightiest heroes, but you're a little... dead.
Sitting atop Valhalla, you reminisce about your glorious deeds back when you were alive. Impress your peers with tales of heroic feats, compare your legacies, and see how each one eventually bit the dust... Who among you was the greatest?

And That's How I Died is a light set-collection card game about tall tales and exciting adventures. You play as the spirit of a dead Viking warrior who went to Valhalla after a particularly epic death. Each turn you will form an Adventure by playing 3 cards: a Beginning, a Middle, and an End. You can access those cards from your hand of 6, or from the Pool in the middle of the table. Adventure cards award you Glory points and provide you with powerful effects. If all 3 of your cards belong to the same color, we are looking at a Legendary Adventure worth double points! Each adventure brings you closer to death - this is represented by accumulating Damage points. Get 15 or more Damage and you're dead - the game is over for you.

Unlike other games though, here dying is not a bad thing - when you are dead you score all your Glory points! When all players are "dead", the one with the most Glory points is the victor and the greatest Viking warrior of all time!

★ New Stories Every Game
★ Only 5 min. Per Player
★ Different Paths to Victory
★ Reverse Player Elimination
★ You’re Trying to Kill... Yourself!

• 90 Adventure Cards
• 5 Instruction Cards
• 10 Achievement Cards
• 1 Rule Book
• 27,000 possible combos!

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